Our Services

Pre-purchase consultancy and farm planning – make sure of the dream and what you are getting into.

Farm management of stock and crops on a regular basis

Infrastructure projects and advice

Group Farming across properties – share the fixed costs

Herd agistment to use the land to the full

Relief management and “helping out”

Retirement planning

Preparing properties for sale

Bellbird Farm Services has considerable expertise available from many years of farming in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and neighbouring areas. We provide a wide range of farming services covering all aspects of property ownership for both lifestyle owners and lifestyle farmers. We have a track record of improving productivity and profitability sustainably. We believe in improving the environment and in conservation alongside the farming activities. We are proud of both our farming and conservation achievements. We can provide a complete service for owners who have little time or experience to farm themselves. We can provide specific support for those who are more involved.

These services start from acquiring the property through to getting ready for sale.

We cherish having long term arrangements with owners, provide a friendly service and aim to make ownership enjoyable, satisfying and profitable.

If you think you could use our services, please contact Dick Barnes on +61409594079 or

For all your farming needs.